Tradeo Review

Tradeo Review

The Internet has changed each feature of life more so with the social oriented group of people. What the other persons do not know is that the supremacy of group information has been known to help the investors from the start of their money making market. Tradeo is a platform that is into social trading. The website will enable you to know more about trading and how you can copy trade of the others who have been in the trading world for some time now. This provides newbies with the best way to improve their trading style and to also learn some techniques that they can use. wants to be the Facebook or Twitter of the financial markets and they want to provide the capacity to build the forex trading social of the traders. They can do this by just connecting with the friends and with additional traders from anywhere in the world. You can actually learn more in an effective manner, enjoy and have fun by getting sustenance than you can by by hand. Tradeo provides you with a forum as a venue to tackle some ideas and to also connect with the other traders. This can help you learn from them and know more about the rise and fall of traders. If trading will be socially persuading, it will be a good place to start trading. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a lot of features compared to the others like the capacity to do auto copying of the trades and trade based on the moves of the links.


Tradeo is the very first social platform of its kind. It provides the user with an interface that is just close to Twitter or Facebook where you can have your public feeds that you and the other people can post and share private messages or chat online. All of the trades may be posted to the wall in just a few seconds and then you can also read their comments instantly. You can also get a support group, so regardless if this is your first time, you can still do trading without having a hard time.

Tradeo also gives an up to date market info and a thorough analysis of your very own or someone else’s accounts. They also have charts and so do with quotes in more than fifty thousand market tools that are all in line and candlestick charts. They will soon add some more indicators as they improve their features. The news feed features are also powerful and well defined. It enables you to configure what you want to know and the sources where you want to gather the information. Their economic calendar is just one of the best feature that they have at the moment. Though you can find some in every forex broker, this site enables you to filter some of the events depending on their importance and urgency.

Customer support

More so, Tradeo is a highly developed platform, it provides the investors with an access to a 24-hour customer support service. The staff might be reached through a telephone call, live chat or through email as well. The staff may also be called at any time if there are complains, queries and disputes that must be resolved right away. They can also be of help if someone is in need of their assistance especially the newbies.


Zulutrade Review

ZuluTrade is free forex signal provider service. It is also a management forex account system that promotes the forex trade signals of the best traders in the world and immediately executes trades in your account for no charge.Here experts trade for you. In this Zulutrade review you can read more about signals and platform. is a part of a financial management agency, ZuluTrade Inc. This forex signal provider company is from New York and its main service operations are located in Cyprus, Greece, Hong Kong, Athens, and Shanghai. It was established in 2007 and it links the space between trade execution and useful information. In this platform we can find a lot of number of signal providers but good ranking system can help you to pick righ one. Zulutrade rank is excellent ranking tool and it counts profit as well drawdown in its formula.
Zulutrade is not forex broker but there are AAAfx forex broker which has already integrated Zulutrade platform for each forex account.

You can discover outlined table of contents that are easy to operate and understand as we can see in this video above. The table provides many interesting topics about everything you need to know. Clicking any of the items will bring you the subject that is elaborated in informative and clear way.
For example you can see in Zulutrade platform history performance and all important informations about systems (see image below):
zulutrade history performance
Accounts of the ZuluTrade
If you want to use ZuluTrade, the quickest way is to open an account with any broker who utilizes the system of ZuluTrade, and then an account can be easily opened with As ZuluTrade does not have a connection to these Signal Providers, anyone has a chance to be a Signal Provider with them. The end user has the ability to research and select among a number of providers before making a decision. The user need to decide which Signal Provider owns the best profit record, performance record, number of winning trades, and draw down risk. This record is updated on a daily basis. Accounts support USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, and JPY.

The ZuluTrade account is easy to set up. Online registration is the quickest way, where you can decide between a mini account and a standard account. Up to 10 Signal Provider accounts can register using the same email address. The ZuluTrade community and ZuluRank algorithm continuously ranks the performance of Signal Providers. The aim is to put the best Signal Providers on the top.

How does ZuluTrade forex signal provider works?
A Signal Provider or Trader is a user of ZuluTrade, who trades on a live account or a demo account. ZuluTrade uses a website to publish statistics and results. Each trading activity in the Traders account is transmitted to all ZuluTrade live and Zulutrade demo accounts as broadcast signal.
A great number of Zulutraders will attach a Signal Provider in their trading portfolio, if he is suggesting lucrative trades. Signal Providers are paid 0.4 pips per lot for every trade produced in a live account. The average rate is about 0.5 dollars per 1 mini lot trade.
Experienced traders who wish to demonstrate the competence of their trading systems place their trades in a traditional way. However, the automatic trading is available for those who are willing to trade but need to sleep at the same time.

The end users get the service for free, but ZuluTrade produces the income from rebates of a small number of brokers who utilize the system. An enormous number of brokers have started utilizing auto-trading system of the ZuluTrade, such as, FXCM, Avatrade, AAAfx etc.
The ZuluGuard™ is an interesting feature intended for the account protection and it monitors the attitude of each trader. Each trade can be created only if 30 seconds before there is no other trade made.Signal provider can created only 30 live and pending orders in the same time.
The trades of Signal Providers can be placed through the following manners:
• An inherent web platform comes together with the ZuluTrade Platform and it can be found at the Trade tab. You can open pending orders, market trades, and limit and stop values by clicking on the right option.
• Signal Providers have the opportunity to start, manage, and finish trades manually and ZuluTrading API allows this. Configuring an individual algorithm is possible so there is no need to sign up to the Signal Provider account. If you want to set up the ZuluTrading API, a comprehensive and practical guide will help you.
• An external demo or live MetaTrader4 platform can be linked to an account of a Signal Provider. Nevertheless, in this case, an account of a Signal Provider becomes retrievable but not changeable and any MT4 account activity is send to the ZuluTrade account.
• ZuluTrade provides the traders with the ability to create their trading method for free through ZuluTrade’s VPS service. Only Signal Providers who are trading through MT4 terminals can use this service.Zulutrade signal provider is not scam service but followers need to choose right signals and watch drawdown.
A user friendly tool named as ZuluGuard is invented by ZuluTrade with the aim of your capital protection. It allows you to set for yourself a maximum drawdown limit that you desire to have from the signals of the providers. If the sum of drawdown goes beyond the amount chosen by you then it disables the trader and his or her trading account automatically.
Using ZuluGuard is a very good practice. But extreme cautious trade set results in profitable trades that close in a premature level. It provides a setting that is very handy in nature allowing disabling trader in opened positions. Even after the traders are disabled you will be receiving instructions of closing. But trader will be incapable of opening the new types.
It is preferable as you choose the “safe mode” with customized settings and also create your stop losses that too in maximum level. It permits the traders adjusting their stop losses but in cases they are concerned more than yours. The settings as available in the system are tending to lower risks.

Interesting features
ZuluTrade’s website functions in two different modes: Advanced and Simple. The simple mode is intended for the beginner traders and it provides all the information needed for Autotrade of his account. An advanced mode offers extra controls for professional traders. Choose the mode accordingly.
You can see how the trade is functioning at ZuluTrade by the TradeWall service. The economic calendar displays events occurring around the globe. Live chat service is also open all the time and there is a customer support by email of phone.