Xtrade Review

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Forex trading went through a lot of revamps over time. to be able to cope from the conventional manner of trading. The XTrade has remained discovered by some veterans to be able to carry a variation in the marketplace scene. With the start in 2010, it has created a big revolution and it is now presently internationally known in more than a hundred and forty nations. It has remained governed by different authorities and their approved by the CySEC. In terms of the interface, the trading platforms are now exclusively branded and there is no downloading required.

It may also be operated online, while the mobile applications can also be used to check on some stocks while you are on the road. To be able to develop the CFDs, there are different kinds of instructions as well as procedures required. This may be the reason why the growth of the exclusive platform is needed to keep and to be sure that there will be a unified performance. The SSL technology along with the encryption is being used to be able to boost the security in the transactions and with absolute security from the hackers. The boundary is also easy and simple to use. that means that you can easily access the site in a comprehensive manner.

In terms of customer service, you can connect the customer service team easily. They will be of help to you in an instant manner even if you are on the go. The newbies can easily get help from them too. The minimum amount of deposit needed is $100 and the XTrade offers around forty various methods to deposit the funds. For the fund transfer to get started, you can use your credit cards, wire transfer from banks and debit cards too. The withdrawals on the other hand may be done in the similar methods/

XTrade Broker Review

In the aggressively modest world in the internet, the retail trading exists and possible traders must attach huge essentials in terms of selecting the right broker to trade through, not the least since the business is usually packed by rods and frauds. To be able to build confidence with your option of broker, you must sign up with the real professionals and even brokers that are well controlled and have confirmed to be untarnished in terms of the track record in the business. During the 2010, there comes a solid global and appropriate regulatory licenses in both Europe and outside of it. The XTrade shows a very small amount of noteworthy option for traders outside of the US and the pledges to be able to stand real to its philosophies for providing the trading platform with some trustworthiness and innovativeness as well.

The framework

As an advanced international financial services that offers trading, the XTrade has produced its very own branded trading framework that can simply claim to be able to set the typical for the traders in every stage. The XTrade can actually provide for the conventional PC and for mobile trading at the same time. for the conventional kind, the users can easily trade through the WebTrader platform that is easy to use in which it is based on the famous MetaTrader4 and it is also fully web based, so there is no need to download and that works best with any kind of browser.

For those who would like to trade while on the road, XTrade will go along well, since it offers 3 different dedicated apps for trading using different mobile devices and even tabs. There is also one for Apple users and for the Android devices at the same time. The Windows phone may also be able to enjoy the services they offer, all of which can be found at the application hubs. All of the platform kinds can simply navigate thus it gives an easy and very well executed trades and they are also filled with different and very useful tools and added characteristics that can make the entire trading experience worthwhile.

Trading tools

The CFDs or the Contracts for Difference can also be traded using the XTrade platforms span that is from forex pairs to commodities, so covering the while assets and providing the clients the possibility to pick what fits in their investment portfolio can bring a lot of advantages along the way. When it comes to forex trading, there is also a highly complete list of all of the primary and minor currency pairs and even big quantity of unusual mixtures, though the trading on cyber currencies may also be accessible. What is so good about XTrade is that the trading is just so forthright and there are no concealed responsibilities and fees at the same time, because the broker uses the fixed spreads on the forex trades compared to the most typical practice of the other earners who actually charge a directive on every trade.

If they have decided to trade the stocks, the XTrade clients may also pick the CFDs on the biggest international markets like the USA, France, Spain, Germany and others. When the trading stocks through the XTrade platforms can actually set the automated restrictions on every trade and also use the dedicated platform tools to be auto close to their levels when the set price has been touched. In terms of the indices, the trading of the XTrade clients it can actually pick in between some stock index CFDs from across the globe, like the S and P 500 and NASDAQ to name some. The Leverage of 1:200 is also probable, no other commissions will be charged, however the continuous advancement of the index rates can make the trading markets a total draft.

The accounts

Therea re 2 kinds of accounts available for the clients of XTrade. One is the standard account which mandates a least deposit of $100 and the Premium account mandates the requirement which is a $1,000 minimum deposit. More so, the XTRade clients can actually get the advantages from the free preparation account. It is obtainable for all of the dealers and it is also good enough for the novice and veteran traders who wish to become successful in trading and for more seasoned traders who wish to try out some new techniques without some risks for real funds.

Moreover, some of the loyal clients may also be an XTrade VIP and be able to enjoy a wide collection of more promos and deals like the personal account manager, markdowns on spreads, more training sessions and even valuable gifts. The XTrade now provides you with a very substantial and very enormous as well as beneficial bonuses policy with some of the most exclusive offers and even promos that runs through a particular time and then gives a welcoming pack for the novice clients too with the initial deposit bonus along with the cash bonuses.
trade online

The veteran traders just behind the XTrade have gone through the way that gives a lot of learning and probabilities to the clients, regardless of the trader level they are into. They have made an excellent teaching midpoint, which is filled with the most useful data which is an exclusive and wide ranging method of trading quotes and even video tutorials that encloses a vast variety of subjects that can be very useful and very captivating for the traders. More so, the learning center gives enough access to in terms of the explanation for the XTrade’s trading and even the charting tools for the clients to be able to take advantage in terms of the improvement of the trading and also the features and the usefulness of the financial calendar tracing among all of the primary upcoming market proceedings and even the newsletter that has the bulletin and even examination at the same time.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

At the XTrade, the clients actually feel spoiled for the option about the deposit and even the withdrawal methods that are embracing, even if these are also reliant on on the account exchange of the account and so do the client’s place of origin. In a shell out on the other hand, the methods that are actually available includes some of the primary debit and even credit cards. They also offer a wire transfer and even lots of E-payment approaches and even Electronic wallets like the Skrill, CashU and others. That includes some of the most localized choices for the clients in various nations. In a more prominent manner, the withdrawals may also be made through the use of similar methods. The XTrade gives the safest and even the most secured surroundings where the transactions will be executed using the encrypted and other several methods to be sure that all of the data of the clients are well secured.

Customer support

In terms of customer support, they provide an international reach and they also offer more than thirty-eight vernaculars in making the conversation more convenient. Their customer support team offers a 24 hours’ service and 6 days weekly. The team is able to respond in a fast and very helpful manner.

ETX Capital Review

Introduction to a review – ETX Capital Review
Every broker can find its place in the market because there are different types of customers whom brokers offer their services. Some brokers are better to some clients for their local regulation, speed of execution, prices, bonuses, customer support, even interface and also availability on different languages. Therefore, if a broker has something of these to offer, or very possibly excel or just be good enough in some others aspects, their portion of the market is guaranteed.

Of course, there might be brokers most traders find lacking any of advantages, or even having too much stepping stones to execute a decent trade. Such brokers are mostly not even reviewed, so readers usually expect to see a positive review for at least one important aspect of a certain broker.
This being said, we will here see a review of a broker which is according to these reviewing standards, at least a decent one, and you will decide is it a good and reliable one, and moreover, is it a suitable one for you.
Sometimes to get a decent insight into what a certain broker looks like, the best thing is to apply and trade with it. However, it isn’t always possible to deposit a broker’s minimum account just for the sake of a review. Luckily, there are demo accounts.
If there isn’t, well that broker has some major issues.
Anyway, ETX Capital does have a demo account, and it was possible to get into it by opening a demo account. Since it was all promising, it felt safe enough to open a live account too. This review was done after two months of trading with ETX Capital with real money. Aspects that were examined by asking were customer service, account opening process, depositing and withdrawing, broker security, all in order to get a better view and more accurate review.
Opening demo account
Steps to open a demo account are simple as password and username will get to you immediately. You can start your demo sessions. But when you want to switch to open a real live account, you could wait even for a week or two. The reason for this is being FCA registered company, and it requires identity and address confirmation. However, you might find that out only if you contact customer support. Things might be different now, but if that happens, call the customer support service for answers. This might be a good sign, as you see that it’s not an automated process as with opening a demo account. However, a quicker registration should have been better.
So now you will be prepared for waiting, and when (and if) things improve, you’ll only feel good about it.
Funding can take up to two days by wire transfer, and withdrawal is yet to be tried, but if it’s under a week, it’s excellent.

As for the customer support, the crew seems to ignore a registering client a bit, but after you become a registered one, they turn out to show more support, it takes less time to respond now. They don’t seem to hesitate when you send them an email asking whatever, be it technical issues, questions about platform or the conditions of the market. It appears that you can talk to them in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, and Danish, all that besides English of course. You can reach the crew any time between 7 am and 9 pm GMT, as the company is headquartered in London.

ETX Capital works under holding company Monecor Ltd. As earlier said, the company works regulated by the FCA, which is the British authority for Financial conduct. This means that it is obliged to entitle their clients to GBP 50 thousand in compensation. They have to have guaranteed limiting orders and stop losses. This is a remarkable feature, being regulated by the FCA.
Traders can use four trading platforms, which include the company’s platform ETX Binary, then there’s TX MT4, obviously based on MT4 to be used for forex, there is ETX TRADER, and ETX TraderPro. As the ETX Binary platform’s name reveals, it is used for trading binary options. As for MT4, it is used mainly for forex, but really there it is also used for other instruments which can be commodities, like Gold, Silver, Brent crude, natural gas, stock exchange companies from the USA and Germany, as well as indexes of major stock exchanges such are NASDAQ 100, S/P 500, DAX 30, UK FTSE 100 and others.
One of the differences between ETX Trader and MT4 platforms is that ETX Trader has more options for trading bonds and different obligations. For those who have larger accounts, they can use ETX TraderPro, which is – for the rest of it – as ETX Trader. ETX’s MT4 can be downloaded for using on mobiles, and it is generally user friendly. It has trailing and trading stops with one click.
The lack of trading competitions or promotions is pretty much filled in with rather fine bonus. For depositing at least $1000 you get another 30% onto your account, but a deposit of $10,000 would get you a “premium” account plus another $5000 on it. However, let’s note here that nobody gives away free money, so whatever bonus you get, you can’t withdraw it (it isn’t known if somebody actually gives away free cash!) but you can use it to trade with it. If, in case you empty your portion of your account, you can trade with the bonus money, and you can withdraw all that’s over the bonus money. Maybe you’ve read somewhere that this is a minus point to the broker, but in reality, it isn’t, because nobody gives money away just like that. If that was the case, than what would mean to the company if you deposit $1000 and withdraw $1300 the next morning?

As we mentioned MT4 platform, do note that ETX for now can provide only its own version of MT4 platform for execution on the market. The reason is that the provider of MT4 software has removed the option for instant execution. Why this is important to mention is because the advantages of the market execution such are processing trade instantly without the need for you to get requited. But scalping or trading in volatile times doesn’t get good because you get slippage. If you don’t understand it, than avoid it. Professionals will know what this means, but they don’t need this “advice”.
As for the slippage, it can vary between none and 2 or 3 pips. The slippage could rise to twenty or thirty pips in volatile times, just like with any other broker. ETX doesn’t offer management for your account. However, automatic trading is allowed, as well as following signals, or even hedging and scalping whenever you want to. You might find this also a big plus for ETX Capital.
The bonus will kick off for a minimal account of $1000, but the overall minimum is a hundred something be it USD, Euros or GBP. Your account will in turn be designated with your chosen currency. The minimum size for trading is one micro lot, or 0.01 lost. That is basically $1000 (or GBP or Euros), and that is another plus for traders who have smaller accounts. If you deposit your first $100, you won’t get your 30% bonus, but it’s thus not really expensive to give it a shot. There are 44 pairs on ETX MT4, where you will find alphabetically listed currencies which begin with pairs of AUD, then continue with pairs of CAD and until the end. This we mention so that you have an idea how the company tried to make it easy for clients to navigate through its system, and this is one example of the simplicity. Before saying a thing or two about learning centre, let’s just note that learners should keep with known currencies, as some interesting currencies from 2 and 3 tiered countries can be volatile.
As for learners, this is the section to say that there are a number of tools for learning. Free seminars held in major cities for clients from around the globe are something you already do expect from a broker that appears to be as serious as ETX is. However, it could have lack it. If you can’t find one that is close enough to you, social media is there to help, as well as videos from which you can distance learn.
Morning briefings are there to help you start your day with news and an insight into market, and this doesn’t only count as learning, but also a good tool for experienced traders.


As pointed out in the beginning, a major plus for ETX Capital is security. The company is UK-headquartered and it is FCA regulated which in start give a feeling of credibility. Those who tried could also witness that. Appreciated bonuses are also another plus, especially for beginners, but the (maximum) 60% of bonus which gets to be $6000 is something everyone can appreciate. ETX’s MT$ platform offers several financial instruments such are commodities, equities, gold silver, oil, natural gas, and many more.
Major flaw was time spent waiting to open a live account as it wasn’t automated. It doesn’t have to always be an issue, but it can obviously. However, once registered, the customer support gets really helpful. There could be another plus to it were there live chat, because sometimes traders feel more comfortable to contact their brokers via chat. Another minor flaw is not having webinars on regular basis.

EasyMarkets or Easy forex broker

EasyMarkets or former brand Easy forex (review you can read at EasyMarkets Review) is famous forex dealer.It offers tight spreads, excellent support, mt4 platforms and apps.
The iPhone apps supports exchanging also, in spite of the fact that the usefulness is restricted contrasted with what’s in the site. In any case, there’s a versatile site accessible too, with full usefulness on cell phones. Players are naturally taken there while going to the site in a program on a cell phone. Simple Forex doesn’t just offer cash exchanging, it likewise bolsters the exchange of items and in addition stocks and lists. They likewise offer to settle spreads with an ensured stop-misfortune which can be redone upon solicitation.
At the point when you set up a record, there are 5 sorts to browse. New dealers wishing to find out about the exchange business sector are accessible to make a demo account keeping in mind the end goal to exchange with play cash, which means there’s no danger (neither would you be able to make a benefit either, obviously), before beginning to exchange no doubt. While making your genuine record, your record sort will rely on upon the amount you store.
For stores of up to $500 there is smaller than usual record, which fundamentally is a record for tenderfoots who wish to continue exchanging a side interest. The VIP record is for professional merchants and is likewise the most gainful one. The client administration division is open 24 hours a day, and you can contact them through various routines, for example, phone, email and live talk, and it is evident that Easy-Forex has put in enormous assets in its backing segments. All things considered, we feel that Easy-Forex is a phenomenal decision for cash exchanging.

See New Brand video:

The company is a trading platform that gives 24/7 access to traders in the forex markets. This firm has opened its doors for traders in 1998. The concept that is behind it is the use of internet to be able to provide common traders with the advanced and highly competitive capacity to trade such as the big ones.
The minimum deposit is only available for $25 and the minimum transaction size will be 2,500. EasyMarkets (former Easy forex) will accept the deposits by the credit card and the American Express, wire transfers and PayPal as well.

Customer support and service choices

EasyMarkets (former Easy forex) is not involved in dealing desk. What they have is a personalized service that you can avail at their website. There are personal account managers that will be available for you regardless of the size of an account that you may have. You can avail of their services anytime, even in ungodly hours of the night. The customer support team works on a real time basis, so if you will be chatting with them, you can easily get the help that you need.
There is also an SMS functionality that will provide information to your smartphone. You can get updates to your accounts from the trading market. The mobile alerts will be sent to you including the rate, limit order capture alerts and the deal closer alerts. This feature is highly innovative in the trading industry. They also have an instant trading program that enables you to use your credit card anytime of the day. You can use your credit cards online with the help of the program and the company guarantees your privacy as you trade with them. There are also eBooks, trade simulator and others that you can use for trading.

Visit Easy Markets (former Easy Forex)

Reference : EasyMarkets Review – former Easy Forex

Markets.com review

Markets.com is a broker founded back in 2006, and it was growing really fast back in days, so that now it is one of the most famous and most popular Forex and CFD brokers. In the beginning it was regulated by CySEC (Cyprus). In 2009 it changed its name from Arbat Capital Ltd to SafeCap Investments Ltd. The company is advertized on Bloomberg, which clearly shows that it is a serious company that is regularly standing amongst world’s biggest companies in that sense. They thus want to keep high expectations, and their customers are taken care of with the outmost concern.
Markets.com are under EU Financial Services Law, and as a part of EU, they can regularly offer all brokers high quality Forex and CFD services. You can read more information reading Markets.com review.

Markets.com offers 4 trading platforms. MetaTrader4 is one of the most recognized platforms available online. MT4 is very novice-users friendly, and certainly highly suitable for experienced users.
MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal is a platform that enables you to operate on multiple trading accounts simultaneously. Even though its prime usage is by money managers, anybody who wants trade over several MT$ accounts at the same time can see usage from this platform.
It is equipped with news updates, trading events updates, email alerts and other alerts from only one interface. It is truly multitasking platform.
Sirix Web Trader is a browser based platform, it can work on PC, Mac and it works on Linux. Since it is coded in HTML, it can work on iOS and Android mobile devices. It is unbelievably simple to use, and it has an interesting social trading option where you can see what’s going on with other traders and how they are doing. It also has a course of Live Analysis feature. This platform is probably best for the new traders as it is incredibly simple. Experienced users can also enjoy it.
Market Mobile Trader is a platform designed for mobile devices. It is HTML 5.0 based platform, so it can be run on Blackberry, iOS or Android based devices. It provides users with full access to Forex market, 24 hours a day. As it has limited tools, it is still excellent for over viewing and supervising your previous orders and conduct simple trades. It is strongly suggested to use this platform only for supervising your trades, and sticking with the desktop platforms for executing your trading business.

Even though there is only one office, which is in Cyprus, the market.com is still managing to be a seriously big in terms of customer support; 24/5 chat and telephone support in over 34 languages, with email support as well.
The ways to fund your account on markets.com are numerous. They are Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Bank Wire, Web Money, Skrill and Neteller. You can open account in USD, GBP and EUR. The minimum account is 100 of any currency, with a leverage of 200:1. Your first deposit can give you a bonus of up to $1000.
Debit and credit cards will take up to 24 hours to process, and wire transfer deposits even up to 2 days. Markets.com does not charge any fees, but banks or credit card issuers might, so check with them for that information. For deposits greater than £/€/$2500, markets.com will cover any such fees.

Reference :

Hotforex Broker Review

One of the most famous online Forex brokers that is working with MetaTrader4 platform and it has very wide range of currency pairs. It was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Mauritius. Here we will give you a review of this ECN trader that is named HF Markets Ltd, but better known as HotForex. It has standard brokerage aspects, which include major currency pairs as well as exotic. Also, they made their website user-friendly in terms of translating it into 19 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Greek, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Malay, Bengali, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) and Thai. This broker offers excellent 100% hotforex bonus.
HotForex 100% Bonus On All Deposits

Hotforex is regulated by FSC AND CySEC. Minimum amount of money that users can deposit is 5 dollars and that is when using Micro Account. Maximum leverage is 1:1000 for Micro Account and 1:400 for Premium and Islamic accounts.

Users can download standard MT4 trading platform on their computer desktops or as PDA and smartphone application. There are also numerous ways that HotForex makes easy for their users to access to their services: iPhone, PAMM, Smartphone, Android, iPad and Blackberry. Also, it can be used by those who prefer browser-based Forex trading and it is expected that ZuluTrader and MirrorTrader will also join to HotForex services portfolio.

The focus of HotForex website is on the company’s rollover policies and favorable trading conditions. Also, HotForex offers Forex education is there as yet another accessory, and not their major tool for their users. HotForex’s website is designed in such a way that there are tools for trading that are placed at the bottom of the page among which really useful and – so to say – cool tools were some calculators; Fibonacci calculator, the pip calculator and the Pivot Point calculator. These calculators shouldn’t mean a lot to novice Forex traders, but to those with experience it should be useful.

For novice users, or anybody who needs any help, HotForex offers excellent customer support service. Telephone lines in 10 world languages that are available 24 hours per day (each working day ), chat and e-mail communications are there on disposal for the customers. Even though the team can sometimes direct you to visit the education centre, they can assist you with anything you could ask. Their chat operators are always eager to offer you their help.
Choose Your Bonus

If registering for a Forex broker gives you any difficulties, it is apparent that HotForex offers easier way to register. This is because when you want to register, on the popup window, before you choose which account you want to register for, there are enlisted possibilities for each account, so you can compare them directly if there is any doubt about which one to register for.

You can deposit your money via several different options; such are credit card, webmoney, perfectMoney, Neteller, MoneyBookers, cash-U, U-Kash, wire transfer. One of the most popular online money transfer server, PayPal, was not on the list which was the only weird thing about depositing money besides the fact that only two currencies used for depositing are EUR and USD. The webpage itself is available in 15 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese …)

Withdrawals are something that you will love! Withdrawing will be done in 24 hours, unlike many other where they take two or three days. And if you have trouble with your connection, you can phone HotForex and finish your transactions via telephone. That is something you won’t find on many other Forex brokers. And this is one of the reasons why HotForex is one of the best there are.

If you are experienced trader, you probably have heard about HotForex, but maybe didn’t know about some of the options it offers until now. In addition, it is worth mentioning that for novice users HotForex might appear something you need to have experience with, but with customer service, you will get all the experience you need to properly use the full potential of this ECN broker that has many currency pairs with fast execution (24 hours!!!) and MT4 platform.



How to pick right forex broker

Choose a forex broker
At present there’re several forex broker online via which the traders may trade in forex market on internet from everywhere globally. The whole brokers don’t provide the same packages. Therefore, all brokers may not be suited with your need.
The trader must know that how to select suitable and reliable forex broker that based as per their requirements. In such guide we’ll explore different important criteria that one must consider as comparing different brokers.
1. Broker Type:
The forex brokers may be alienated into 2 types, ECN broker and dealing desk.
The brokers of dealing desk are known as brokers of market maker. In the broker of dealing desk, the dealer frequently gets an opposite place to the trade. 1st, they’ll look for the other suitable choices with order. So, they don’t find some appropriate orders by your order after that they’ll open opposite place to the trade. The brokers dealing desk generally earn money from spread. The brokers dealing desk typically don’t change some other charges beside such spread.
The ECN, matches orders electronically. They don’t open opposite place to the trade if orders don’t match with the others. In such case, your deal wouldn’t be implemented at what time you’ve placed. There’re several people think that the brokers of ECN don’t have some interest in the result of trading that isn’t true. Actually, the ECN brokers wish you to earn profit so that’ll carry on the traded with those people like they earn money from trading commissions which they indict for every side of the trading.
2. Regulated or Non-Regulated:
Regulation is very important role of broker in the case of selecting a dependable broker for fx trading. There’re several problems with the unregulated brokers. Stipulation, they cause some problem regarding you money deposit or trades, after that you’ll not have someone to protest about them.
Conversely, you may protest against the regulated brokers stipulation you face some problem. Just being the regulated isn’t the whole thing. You require finding the broker that’s regulated under legal protection well as a law.
There’s totally no point for account or else trading in unregulated or else badly regulated broker it doesn’t matter that how smart features which they offer. Many regulated brokers issue their regulation registration number so one may examine their regulation as well as know regarding their policy of regulation. The trader must as well select a regulated as well as dependable method of deposit & withdrawal.
3. Offered Account Types:
There’re different accounts types provided by various brokers. Many brokers provide demo, micro, mini and standard accounts. Such accounts are dissimilar about trading size or lot size. Such accounts can differ broker to the broker.
In some broker’s case, the standard account signifies that you must trade in complete standard lots. Conversely, few brokers can permit to trade with fractional lots in the standard accounts. The spreads and trading commissions as well differ relying on trading account types. Bigger types of trading account are provided with less trading spreads and commissions carry the larger trading spreads and commissions.
The traders must select broker’s trading account that suitable with initial deposit, level of risk tolerance and trading strategy.
4. Offered Trading Platforms Types:
It is very important part on selecting forex broker. Various brokers can provide various trading platform types. There’s no ideal platform in globe, but clearly few platforms are much better than the others.
The trading platform must be augmented with features, trading packages and charting. A trader must make a decision for suitable platform of trading. After that he/she must look for the broker who provides such platform of trading and also complete the criteria of other dependable broker.
The trading platforms that are based on MetaTrader are very famous in the case of fx trading. Nevertheless, there’re some other trading platforms of home-made provided by the brokers which are as well as reliable and famous, like FXCM and 500.
Trading Platform-special features:
Few brokers provide special features together with their platforms of trading. Such features are effective and handy thus several traders select such platforms for the trading. For instance, IBFX offers their own made Expert Advisors as well as indicators, the Etoro comprises the option of copy trading to their platforms of trading. The FXCM provides latest multiple time period charting technique as well as the other extra indicators et cetera. If you require such extra features in trading in that case you must select a broker which fulfills your needs.
5. Commission & Spread:
The trading spreads and commissions are the major earning of fx broker. The trader must pay spread or commission or else both when he/she build the trade in broker. The trading spreads and commissions aren’t for the all brokers as well as these differs broker ~ broker.
Few brokers provide tight or low spread, some provide variable spreads, some provide fixed spreads, few provide high commissions of trading et cetera. Usually, the larger account size the spreads amount of a spread in the pips like brokers have the higher commission because of trading in the larger size.
There’re as well few brokers those provide tight or low spreads in the small accounts also. Such brokers are so famous for the small traders by initial deposit. You must select the broker that provides suitable environment of trading with lesser trading spreads and commissions.
6. Methods of Deposit & Withdrawal:
The methods of deposit & withdrawal differ broker ~ broker. There’re several brokers who permit a huge payment range methods for the deposit & withdrawal however their instruction isn’t that enough reliable. Conversely, many good regulated brokers permit the limited methods of payment.
This makes a critical situation for the trader to select broker with very strict regulation as well as suitable methods for payment simultaneously. Nevertheless, there’re few brokers which are good regulated and as well permit different methods of payment besides credit card, bank wire et cetera.
7. Customer Support Service:
All forex brokers offer customer support service via different ways. Few brokers offer customer support service through one method just like email support. Few brokers can offer customer support service via different ways like live chat, fax, telephone, email et cetera.
Few brokers may offer customer support service twenty-four hrs a day nevertheless others can offer customer support service for limited era a day each week. It’s important for the trader to select broker who offer 24/7 customer support service in order that he may contact with as well as have the solution instantly.
If you have some problem regarding broker or else require knowing something about broker in that case you must make a contact with their customer support service centre. Therefore, it’s important to select an easy and very caring broker. Few brokers as well provide an option of call back that is an extra feature of the forex broker.
8. Rebate or Bonus:
Several forex brokers provide promotional services, bonuses and rebates. These bonuses and rebates may be helpful in several ways. The rebate or bonus provides are various and differs broker ~ broker.
Few brokers provide no bonuses deposit that is handy in the case of beginners as they may learn and practice trading by using such bonuses. Few brokers provide bonus on initial deposit that is helpful to avoid the margin calls. Few brokers have policy of rebate for the traders that work like extra earning for them. Percentage or amount of rebates and bonus can vary in different times in the case of similar broker.
Bonus provides as well vary from broker ~ broker. Nevertheless, high bonus provide isn’t just marker of good broker; few cases insecurely regulated brokers provide high rebates and bonuses to attract extra traders. So the traders must not select a broker relying on the rebate and bonus associated promotional offers. Securely, the regulation as well as the other factors must also consider nevertheless selecting the broker.
It isn’t necessary and possible that the good broker must fulfill the whole needs mentioned above. However you must know that what features that you require prior to selecting broker. After that, you must look a broker which fulfills your need. Missing few needs stated above doesn’t mean that broker isn’t good for the trading. Nevertheless, there’re few main needs that all the brokers must fulfill.

How to choose a Forex broker in 17 Practical Steps

Pepperstone new Forex broker from Australia

Pepperstone is a comparatively new Forex broker from Australia. This broker is operated under the sponsorship from CDM Pacific. The site as designed by the broker may appear as a contradiction against the trading thrill as offered by this particular trade platform. Forex broker Pepperstone has many things in its store as a standardized Forex trade partner and also as a registered ECN broker. The details regarding Pepperstone are provided below:
Regular Information
Establishment Year: 2010
Head Office: Melbourne, Australia
Extreme leverage Limit: 200:1
Minimum Credit: $200
Minimum size of the deal: 1,000 lots
Available Languages: English (MT4 trade platform provides the users with as many as 25 language alternatives)
Regulated by: ASIC

pepperstone banner

Platform for trading

The foundation of Pepperstone trading platform is based on MetaTrader, a leader in the Forexz operations. Pepperstone offer the users with options of both MT4 and MT5 trade bases along with iPhone and other standardized mobile based trading option. The company demands to have an excessively low latent channel and the MT4 technology is further developed from the other traders in the platform. The incorporation of the latest technology allows the trader to stand apart from eminent brokers. As an example, AvaFX uses the similar trade platforms. We will happily include this point in the review.

We thought as a result of smart trading function, that the trade operation will be done quite fast. But then to our amazement we realized there is an interim period lying between the implementation and validation time. Though this time is merely of 3 seconds, still it appears pretty longer to us as we expected instant results. We are contended with the fact that the process is completed without any demands of re-quotes quite unlike of the other Forex traders.

Another noteworthy factor regarding the service of Pepperstone is it bears same amount in the demo accounts, quite similar to those of the demo accounts. Thus people who are experimenting out the service of the broker will be left with no difficulty while trying their hands out here. Another surprising fact is that the account meant for demonstration only offers the users with access of $5,000 compared to the other Forex trading partners that offer the users with a balance limit of $100,000. This amount is though good enough for practice purposes. It is more than enough for the users.

Pepperstone, as enlisted among other ECN registered Forex brokers offer the users with many features that may be lacking in several experts operating in the field. In case of beginners, ECN accounts of the company need to have a minimum deposit amount of $200. Various other Forex operators like FxPro requires a minimum deposit amount of $1000.

Pepperstone, the desk broker offers the users with options of trading that involves 22 pairs of currency and advises rom the expert and veterans active in this field over the years. Also the trader is offered with lowest spread. The variable spread begins from 0.5 pips with the potential of scalping. There is no doubt about the fact that Pepperstone offers the users with trading conditions much improved than that of other. The reason of low spread is due to its connection with 22 banks.

Only disadvantage may be the lack of trading options apart from MetaTrader. It may not be preferred by some of the traders. But anyone who is eager to trade in the MetaTrader trade platform will love the service.

Service related to Customer Satisfaction
Pepperstone unlike other Forex brokers, don’t offer their users with many contact numbers as available in different countries. It certainly offers some other advantages that are missing in others. In case of beginners, Pepperstone offer their users with Skype contact option free of cost. Thus traders will be able to contact easily. Online email option is also available and different mail addresses against the various departments are provided in the website. This is meant for proper delivery of queries in right addresses. For testing, we send them a query and got answer from them in 25 minutes.

In order to process the review we engaged into a conversation with one of the representatives for many times. We are extremely satisfied with the swift, obliging and well behaved answers.
pepperstone banner
Easy Operations

Forex trading is not at all an easy task. If it is easy people will never end with losing money in the process. Pepperstone offers both traders with easy options to create their account and also to carry forward with trade schemes in a successful manner. The registration format is only two pages and comprises of the following steps that include scan, fax and mail two identification forms. As per the security measure and regulation policy, the trader cannot begin without confirming the identification. It can delay the process a bit late but then it is meant for the security of Forex dealer and that of the trader.

Supply funds in your trade account through transference of wire and credit cards. You can directly transfer money in your accounts from other reputed dealers like FXDD and Alpari. In future the company decides to have provisions to accept BPAY and PayPal.

You can withdraw money easily. Though it takes two days’ time still the process is quite easy. You need to submit a form for withdrawing money and need to wait for 2 days.

Pepperstone does not provide users with excess Forex details unlike other brokers. But the information provided by them is sufficient for an experienced player in this field. It offers with two weekly analysis details in the format of forms. The brokers who are looking forward to learn the detail processing of the principles need to check them out somewhere else. (Sections of Forex Trading Basics do have news for the users).

About support again:
Employees from Pepperstone are experienced lot and offer the customers with a live chat provision. Compared to others, they are best considered to be new company. Still the management team offers the customers with competitive rates and their business expand covers Asia with new offices. The technological details include iPad, Android based trading app and iPhone.


Pepperstone is enlisted as the 23rd organization in the fastest company development list as prepared by BRW Magazine organized “Fast Starters” in the year 2012. It is also recorded as the best ECN trader in Asia in the year 2012. It also receives the award for Best Intelligent Platform as organized by Forex.com.cn.

Razor account from Pepperstone in the year 2011 is recorded by Anthill Magazine as one among SMART 100.

Exness review

Headquarter of the Exness company is situated in Aukland (NewZealand) under name of EXNESS (NZ) Ltd., as well as registered as well as regulated by FDR. The EXNESS too possesses area office in Cyprus that is regulated & controlled by the CySEC.
The EXNESS is well established dealers in industry, as well as shines with a positive innovation. As we can read in Exness Review, this comprises the system of Automatic Withdrawal that is very sole in industry. Via such system a rapid approach to funds is assured. Customers support at the EXNESS is obtainable in thirteen various languages. Some trader, who make deposit of $500 or extra, may use EXNESS VPS-Hosting totally free. With VPS-Hosting you may run your professional Advisor 24 hour and 5 days in a week, even at what time you switched off your computer or else the connection of internet is lost. The dealer at EXNESS may use a Classic, ECN or Mini Account. With such account types, all traders find a right condition. And, with the Mini or Small Account even the beginners may collect basic experience in Forex market by little deposit from 100 dollars. Classic Account are cover the whole requirements of expert traders as well as with Account of ECN you’ve access to liquidity of multi bank. In member – In section of member on Homepage of EXNESS has an extensive statistics on course of trading account is available that is forever a recent survey of trading history, as positive or else negative results, medium benefits, many short or else long positions & many more.

EXNESS assists traders make the most cash:
Smallest balanced spreads are the key of trading form at every brokerage. We remain the spreads less because we get benefit at what time our customers create largest trades at their deposits.
The leverage ratio is upto 1:1000. In addition, it is greatly unique tool on Forex market as well as indispensable for expert traders.
Perfect replacement of order. With smallest of slippage and re-quotes, our speedy system of order placement provides the traders limitless chances to apply the diverse strategies.

EXNESS is dependable forex broker:
Hedging. We assurance the payouts of every profit amount on each of transactions, no issue that what kind of account you’ve, by hedging also whole customer positions or else specific transactions with the institutional investors.
Smallest non-trading hazards. We employ just good software as well as equipment to significantly decrease the probability of technical issues.

EXNESS is suitable forex broker:
Broad selection of tools. Expert and fresh traders similar will be grateful for the unbelievable selection of tools offered by the EXNESS.
Withdrawals are automatic. A sole service which saves your era.
Cooperative customer services team. The specialists are forever pleasure to reply your questions.
Options of flexible deposit & withdrawal. customers may manage funds in their accounts of trading through wire transfer, credit card or some other systems of online payment.
VPS access. The clients of EXNESS have a gratis access to remote server, increasing their access to the systems of automated trading.

EXNESS is quite fresh entrant into forex ground, in addition to it provides some very attractive trading conditions. While there’s no real relationship amid two, Alpari and EXNESS that is as well of origin of Russian, thrive in jurisdiction where law of rule isn’t forever respected. While the EXNESS is keeping pace by law of Russia, in itself this isn’t great ease for the foreign traders. Undoubtedly EXNESS management, a great deal like Alpari, which is conscious of this as well as therefore moves well above call of the duty to make sure that customers are fairly treated.

Beyond this doubt about regulation, it’s not easy to find error with some of other trading aspects with such guys. The small accounts may enjoy insanely big leverage 2000:1 (yeah 2000:1), making this probable for the smart traders to get advantage of market without getting all their assets tied up by their broker: so you may keep much of your cash in bank where this is very safe as well as getting interest, though a very smaller hunk which is with the broker. The holders of large account ($10,000 plus) are yet provided decent max. leverage ratio of 100:1.

The licenses of EXNESS the almighty MetaTrade4 platform as well as provides limitless demo accounts.
The process of payment is also efficient and fast with several withdrawals automatically processed without human intervention (relying on payment mode used). The merely other grumble I’ve is that the fees are only charged for all kind of withdrawal. There’s no big fees – normally 1% or below, other than it does get away a little bit from your earnings.

Avatrade Review

Forex broker AVATrade Review

AvaTrade was formerly branded as AvaFx which was recognized in year 2006, it is victorious Forex brokers newly underwent the rebranding work out to emerge like a fresh entity know as AvaTrade. This rebranding work out was made in reply to ever changing situations of financial markets. Now, the AvaTrade presents more than only brokerage services for their client in the Forex market. As we can see from Avatrade review, the existing product range in AvaTrade have prolonged tremendously to comprise other modules of the financial tools such as Indices like Dow Jones & Standard and Poor indices and stocks and commodities. With their functional/operational centre, Dublin (Ireland) AvaTrade expect to capture much of businesses of online fiscal brokerage with the end of rebranding work out.

Get 50% Avatrade forex bonus
Do not look far for the best broker because Ava trade is the way to go. You will get the opportunity opening a real account or a demo account. The good part about trading with Ava trade is that you will be given bonuses up to $5000.If you deposit account with $1000 you can get $500 bonus. You will be able to run your free demo account for 21 days. Ava trade has their main office in Ireland and offices around the world. It has been authorized by EU.

It has won several awards since 2009. Since its rebranding to Ava FX; it has improved on the services that it offers to traders. This is in terms of product they offer and their functionality. Beginners and professionals alike can use this forex trade without any problems. New traders have the opportunity of getting bonuses.

If you are new Ava trade, then there is a step that you have to follow to get the $ 5,000 bonus on your first deposit. This is a good start as it will equip you with the skills you require to trade in a real account. The first step is to download the Ava trader; you can choose any platform because there is a wide variety available. The next step is to open a trading account; you can choose to open a free demo account t or a real account but moat preferable you should open a real account. It will only take you a few minutes to get your account up and running. Once the account is ready; it is now time to deposit funds into your account.

Trading Platforms
Changes which AvaForex had underwent to become the AvaTrade isn’t only skin deep. It as well included incorporation of latest features into offering of the trading platforms. Now, the traders have an option of eight major kinds of trading podium/platforms to select from.

The Ava software is web based and will only require you to have a fast internet connection. If you have an iPhone, android device or ipad you can trade on your mobile phone. There are also auto trading platform such as the currensee, mirror trader and Zulu trade. Automated trading will save you time because you can easily start without any experience in trading. However, manual trading is faster and will enable traders to get the experience they need. Automatic trading, on the other hand, will require the trader to be confident because lack of this will reflect in their trade.
There are three platforms available for auto trading. With the help of the educational tool kit, traders will be able to learn of the basics of forex as well as definitions. Investors also have the opportunity of learning more about the factors that influence trading. There are also webinar courses at the disposal of traders. Educational resources include: audio commentaries, economic calendar, economic analysis and live market news. All these make Ava the preferred forex trader. It is easy to work with them and there are several options available for you choose.

Automated Trading
Comprises the systems of automated trading like Zulu Trade, MirrorTrader, Currensee and Ayondo. The software of auto-trading as well permits the traders to imitate the trades of the experienced traders yet the trading position is unattended.

(A) AVAOptions
The latest trading platform of Ava Trade which combined the power and flexibility of Fore Options with the Forex Spot allowing the traders to increase their income.

(B) AvaTrader
A completely customizable proprietary platform of trading which features advanced the charting fed with the numerous live updates feed.

(C) Mac Trading
Modified specially for the Mac computers, Mac trading platform lets traders approach to all main markets while the operating at fastest implementation time.

(D) MetaTrader 4
The standard platform of the industry for Forex market. It is equipped with complete range of instruments, MetaTrade 4 is yet flexible sufficient beginner to operate it.

(E) Mobile Trading
The complete featured cell/mobile trading podium/platforms set the control of MetaTrader and AvaTrader right into your hand’s palm.

(F) MetaTrade4 Floating Spreads
By the MetaTrade 4 platform of Floating Spread, the traders have the whole control of MetaTrade 4 podium/platform with added advantage of less spreads got directly from interbank market.

(G) Web Trading
This platform permits the traders to like and enjoy the advantage of internet devoid of being fixed to home computer.

Additional Features
The additional features to set of the rebranding work out include some additional services such as:

• Market Analysis
• Links to the news about Forex market
• News Feeds as of Twitter
• Real Time/Era Charts

By means of such additional services, the traders are now have much extra time to focus on their activities of trading before spending era researching for efficient and updated information regarding the market.

Trading Account Types
Now AvaTrade has separated their types of trading account into five different types:

1. Demo Account
This account let the beginner traders the advantage of checking out trading platform with the $100,000 essential money.

2. AvaTrade
Modified to convene to the needs of general clientele, the AvaTrade is now further alienated with three different sub groups each with set of benefits and requirements.

• Silver – (Mini. Deposit is Dollar 100)
• Gold – (Mini. Deposit Dollar1,000)
• Platinum – (Mini. Deposit is Dollar10,000)

3. AvaSelect
This is for those traders who’re able for making the solitary deposit of Dollar 100,000 or else traded with the volume of total trading that exceeding $100 million. The membership to exclusive club of AvaSelect is just done on quarterly basis.

4. Commission/Spreads
The AvaTrade does’nt charge commissions in industry standard. However, the clients are trustful for the small spread/commission which ranges between three to seven pips.

5. Customer Service
The AvaTrade is one of complete support system around in customer support. Their website supports the multiple languages, such as:

• English
• Chinese
• Arabic
• Dutch
• French
• Japanese
• German
• Italian
• Portuguese
• Spanish
• Russian

The traders may contact with support group through:

• By email by filling the available contact form on website
• Live Chat
• Telephone (more than thirty local telephone numbers different countries to contact)

The AvaTrade is well aware that how vital it’s to have the may trading account channels funding made obtainable to their customers. The trades now may finance trading accounts via:

• Moneybookers
• Paypal
• Credit/Debit cards
• Wire Transfer
• Web Money
• Western Union

Apart from above mentioned ways, the traders as well have an option of using Debit Card of AvaTrade that assists to accelerate the process of withdrawal.
There are several deposit options to choose such as web money, fast bank transfer, MasterCard and visa. Now, it is time to get to work, you will receive the bonus immediately and you can start making money right way. When it comes to the bonus there are a number of things that you have to put into consideration. The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you will require a real account and not a demo account. This is because you will have to invest money to be able to get the bonus but you also have the opportunity of practicing for free.

The other consideration when it comes to the bonus is with regards to Egypt, Pakistan and Vietnam. Residents from these countries are required to do a wire transfer to be able to access the bonus. The amount of bonus that you get will largely depend on the amount of money that you have deposited. You can use $100 to start trading. If you open a silver account, then you will get a bonus of $ 50. A gold account will require you to deposit $ 1000; this will see you receive a bonus of $ 200.You will go direct to platinum if you make a deposit of $ 10,000.

Having the platinum account will give you a bonus of $ 1200. Depositing $ 100,000 will see you enjoy the Ava select status and getting a bonus of $ 5000. The $ 5000 bonus will require you to have a trading volume of 10,000 for every bonus. Floating spreads account will not receive a bonus on their deposits.

In case you do not want to open a real account right away, you have the option of opening a demo account where you will be able to enjoy $ 100,000 for 21 days. This will a good training ground and once you opt for the real account you will become a professional trader. Beginners can make use of the training kit and news feed to perfect their skills. The rebranding of Ava has led to addition of trading platforms and now they are eight in number. One of these platforms is the Ava software. You can download these platforms for free. In case you do not want to download a platform, then you can settle for the web based ones.

To recap, few of the main benefits of ahead of AvaTrade include:

• Complete Educational Resources
• Free Demonstration Account
• Attractive Promotion & Bonuses Offered
• Dealing with the famous & reliable broker
• Trading Tools of full range
• Market Review Provided
• Low Spreads
• Multiple Options for Trading Platforms
• Less Mini. Deposit – $100
• Reliable & Stable Trading Platforms

In fact, it’s quite hard to identify any lack in the AvaTrade. The guys of Ava have completed to get something really good already as well as get better to make this even best.

There’s no doubt about that the AvaFores re-emergence like AvaTrade isn’t merely a publicity stunt but a work out to really get better the quality of services. To large extent, the AvaTrade have done well into the league of its personal. If there’s ever FX brokers to think engaging, it’s broker to choose.

Thinkmarkets Review

ThinkMarkets Broker Review
The head office of Thinkmarkets in Australia & with offices is in New Zealand. The ThinkMarkets is dynamic company which arrogances itself on the high technological skills, manifold product, no counter dealing and high liquidity.
Evaluating their management, the trade experiences, product offering as well as trade implementations revealed as below:

The ThindForex CapitalMarkets Limited is a fiscal trading brokerage company in New Zealand as we can read in Thinkmarkets Review.
Thinkmarkets was established by the group of professional fiscal traders in year 2010. They provide fiscal trading of precious metals, CFDs and currencies.
Credentials and thinkforex Regulation
The Thinkmarkets is totally regulated broker by a Fiscal Services Provider with license # FSP52861 which offered by FSPR based in New Zealand.
They’re as well regulated by FSCL. They’re completely registered with ASIC and AFSL number 424700.
In dispute case, the trader may file the complaint with FOS that is Australia’s official external dispute key body as well as of which the Thinkmarkets is the member of.
Prize / Award
In year 2013, the Thinkmarkets was prized the BestBroker in Australia by the World Finance. In year 2012, they have BestServices Award by United Kingdom Forex Awards as well as Fastest Growing Fx Award at MENA awards of forex.
The firm of brokerage as well got the nomination to MoneyAmAm Prize in Best Forex Provide (online) category. In year 2011, the IB times awarded the brokerage company the award in the category of Best MiddleEast Fx Broker.
At the present, the Thinkmarkets provides a ten percent bonus deposit on whole accounts, whether the new or else already existing. Whole accounts with least deposit amount of 2,000$ as well have a totally free host of VPS for their professional advisors.
Protection of Fund
The investment of customer funds regulated y strict codes number of 2001 Corps. Act that means they’re held in the bank trusts of Tier-1.
This include Commonwealth bank where such trust accounts held, which occurs to be biggest bank based in Australia with terms of the assets.
User Friendly
The Thinkmarkets offers five digits rating on whole its platforms of trading. One may use some style of trading, including scalping and hedging.
Every dealer who have minimum 2,000$ of account deposit gets a free hosting of VPS. They offer the STP, no counter desk as well as ECN trading.
It means that they don’t trade beside their clients, they don’t have the re-quotes, and they provide Tier-1 liquidity, in addition to offer the high speed execution for trade.
Few extra features which make the trading with a Thinkmarkets both these pleasurable and easy are:
a. Expert advisor instruments
b. No restrictions for trade
c. Fast fills
d. Less interbank spread
e. Low latency
f. No slippage
g. Unlimited income and stop loss
h. High speeds platform
Trading Platforms
The Thinkmarkets traders may trade on 3 major trading platforms, which are as follows:
A. MetaTrader 4
The most preferred trading platform which is obtainable for the traders of Thinkmarkets on their computers as well as mobile phone devices.
It’s perfect for the both professional traders as well as fresh traders with rapid trade execution & ease to use, intuitive interface.
B. MetaTrader 4 Pro
It’s an ideal platform for the trading for expert traders with top experience level.
C. SpeedTrader (Currenex)
It’s an ideal platform for the trading for those dealers with greater requirement for quick trade executions, for example, scalpers and hedgers.
D. WebTrader
It is simple-access platform which can be expediently accesses from every device that is web-enabled without any requirement to install and download the software programs.
E. MirrorTrader
This platform permits you to copy trades of expert traders to enhance their learning and profitability.
F. MultiManager
It is a platform which is web based and bused by the account managers for mange the multiple accounts efficiently.
Type of Accounts
The ThinForfex provides a gratis boundless practice account without risks. With least deposit of 250$ and offering utmost leverage ratio of 500:1, the ThindForex has following kinds of live accounts for forex trading:
i. Standard Account
The standard account needs a 250$ as a least opening balance as well as a least deal of 1.0 lot & least contract volume of 0.01. This account attracts least level leverage of 500:1 and without commissions.
ii. Pro Account
This account may be created with minimum deposit of 2,000$ and permits 1.0 lot of minimum trade and contract size of 1.01lot. Six units of commission is charged on such kind of account.
iii. Algo Account
This account may be opened with least balance of 25,000$ permitting least trade 1.0 and contract size is 0.01 minimum. This account attracts the levels of leverage upto 500:1.
iv. Islamic Account
Islamic account is interest-free as well as swap-free which adheres to the Islamic laws.

Withdrawals & Deposits
To either create the payments in you account of forex or else create withdrawals, you may use the following methods:
 AlertPay
 Clickand Buy
 Wire transfer
 MoneyBookers (Skrill)
 Debit cards
 Credit cards

Customer Support
Traders on the platforms of Thinkmarkets enjoy high worth proactive twent-four hour client support 24/7.
Whereas, by doing such review, this was observed that the majority of the comments on forums of forex about Thinkmarkets got the comprehensive answer from their client support representatives.
They only have below twelve hours to have the reply by the address of their customer care of their emails, in addition to answer place on hold like traders who make contact them via phone are normally connected directly with their account manager.

The Thinkmarkets have convenient and easy account-opening procedure. You require to just upload your photo and the image of your utility bill or else your bank statement for the purpose of your address verification.
You may as well provide the same things later via email. They usually approve or decline your applications within twenty-four hours and permit upto four accounts for trading for all the traders.
Withdrawals of funds are simple and take hardly five working days.